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Commercial glass project for Beth Maries in Denton

Types of Glass

Insulated glass also known as Thermo glass. It consists of two lites or panes of glass containing a hermetically sealed air space.
The lites are held apart by a non visible spacer which contains a desiccant which keeps the air space free from moisture. When this fails you get what is known as fogged windows.

Low-e glass will reflect radiant infrared energy, encouraging radiant heat to remain on the same side of the glass from which it originated, while letting visible light pass. This often results in more efficient windows because radiant heat originating from indoors in winter is reflected back inside, while infrared heat radiation from the sun during summer is reflected away, keeping it cooler inside.

Laminated Glass is two panes of glass which have a very important feature in architectural settings. It contains a plastic layer that offers high visibility but will retain the glass when broken. The PVB layer is permanently bonded under high heat and provides for increased protection against falling glass.

Tempered glass is a type of safety glass made by a heating process. It is four times as strong as plate glass. When tempered glass breaks, it will shatter into small pieces reducing the chance of personal injury. It is commonly used in commercial settings, front entries, shower enclosures, auto glass and special applications where safety is a concern. Federal, state or local code, dictate where tempered glass must be used.

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