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rebates on your heating & cooling bill

It is time to upgrade your windows to energy saving windows and SAVE!


Finding ways to reduce your monthly electrical bill should start by addressing the energy efficiency of your home, the better you insulate your house, the more money you will save. While adding more insulation to the walls and attic is very important, you can augment your savings even further by using energy efficient windows. By replacing your normal residential windows with energy efficient windows, you can save even more money on your heating and cooling bills.

Your residential windows are a prime source of letting in heat in the summer and cold in the winter which taxes your heating and cooling units, especially if you use a central air conditioner to regulate the temperature in your home. Normal windows are often just a single sheet of glass that transfers the outside temperature into your home, causing your own electrically based air conditioners to work harder and longer which in turn uses more electricity.

The most common type of energy efficient windows consists of two panes of glass with an inert gas between them, which is normal argon. This double paned system prevents the outside temperature from being transferred into your home. While the outside temperature will affect the outer pane of glass, the inert gas and inner pane are not affected to the same degree. This means your central air conditioner works less often and you save money on your electrical bill. Anderson Windows are another type of energy efficient windows you can use for your home as well.
You’ll want to look for energy efficient windows that have a “Low-E” coating. Low-E is a high tech, reflective coating that reflects the damaging UV or ultra-violet rays away from your windows. UV rays will damage and fade your curtains, rugs, furniture and especially your wooden floors. By adding UV protection you keep the light coming in, but you turn away the damaging UV rays.
Plus, the extra coating on the outside of the windows significantly reduces water droplets from forming and creating dirty streaks on your windows. This means that they are virtually “self cleaning” from most of what the elements can throw at them.

Also, if you own a business that uses commercial windows, you can help save your business money by replacing their windows with the type that reduces electrical bills. In today’s tough economic times, every dollar counts and saving your business money means it can be used for other, more pressing matters.


Also, by replacing your residential windows or commercial windows for your business with energy efficient windows, you could also qualify for tax credits and even rebates from your local electrical company. Most energy companies across the US offer some form of rebate or credit on your bill if you install the recommended type of energy efficient windows. For example, in Denton you could receive a rebate of up to 30% off if your invoice is up to $500 for the purchasing and installation of energy efficient windows.

Replacing your
residential windows or commercial windows with energy efficient windows is a great way to save money, reduce maintenance costs and improve the overall value of your home.

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