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Mother of God Church

It has been several months now since you installed our beautifully-restored stained glass windows at Mother of God Parish. With each passing day the windows and your craftsmanship provide more joy.
We can really never express fully our gratitude to you for your skill and devotion in restoring our windows. We consider them treasures. As you are deeply aware, the windows originated at our Sister Parish, Sacred Heart, in Chetopa, Kansas. When the church had to be closed because the building was declared unsafe for occupancy, the windows became a major issue. With your kindness and professional eye, you gave hope to a large group of parishioners who were grieving the loss of their Parish Church with all its memories. You assured them that you would do everything you could to save their beloved stained glass and make them work at Mother of God Church.
You not only restored and customized their windows to fit in another building; you gave them back a beautiful element of their lost building. And you gave them back a piece of their history. As their pastor, I watched the former parishioners of Sacred Heart, now adopted into the Mother of God Parish family, somehow let go of the pain of losing their church.
Not only did you return to them a great gift, you made the windows fit so beautifully that they look as though they have always been at Mother of God. Everyone who visits is astounded that the beautiful windows are "new" to our church. We are so appreciative to you for all your kindness to our parish. And we are so thankful to God for the artistic and technical skill He gave you. Your hard work and your devotion to your craft has returned many people to a state of comfort in our parish. And we are eternally grateful to
God Bless you special!
Father Larry J. Parker